The Netherlands

Structure Dutch EPS registry

Steering committee
UMC Utrecht
Drs. A.C. Abrahams
Albert Schweitzer hospital
Dr. M.R. Korte
Erasmus MC
Dr. M.G.H. Betjes
University of Amsterdam     
Dr. D.G. Struijk
Dialysis Centre Groningen 
Dr. R. Westerhuis

Medical Ethical Committee

The registry was reviewed by the Medical Ethical Committee of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The design of the registry was submitted to the Medical Ethical Committee for approval, which was not needed according to the definitions laid down in the WMO. This included the collection and storage of images, blood and dialysate samples for future investigations. However, the design of the registry (including the patient information leaflet) was critically evaluated and found to be in accordance with current good clinical practice guidelines.